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Kuberth Tyre Cushions


Available via our partner Kuberth:

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Our partner Kuberth has developed the Easyrise car cushions preventing ovalisation of car tyres, especially when cars are stored during prolonged parking periods.

The Easyrise sizes are specially designed to fit a wide range of tires, from vintage cars to sports cars. In the event of very slippery surfaces, the kit includes four non-slip mats to be placed underneath the product.

Personally I am using the cushions in one of my storages. The Aston Martin Vantage GT8, McLaren 675LT Spider, Ford GT and the McLaren Senna are parked on the cushions when I am travelling across the world for a longer period of time.

Available in four standard paint colours and two special paint colours, the car cushions are also available fully customised up on request. You will be able to buy the premium cushions via the website of Kuberth. Each kit consists of four cushions and four non-slip mats.

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