Shmee150 is the personal brand of Tim Burton a.k.a. ‘Shmee’, who travels the world to seek out the greatest and most exclusive automotive content possible. He captures the content using his signature video selfie technique!

With a vast social media following across the world, Shmee is known from car enthusiasts to serial hypercar purchasers, and even Middle-Eastern Sheikhs! They follow the adventures including car rallies and road trips, to exclusive shoots and adventures further afield. Tim shares his personal experiences in the luxury automotive world via content with an honest and personal touch that is not found elsewhere to connect with fans, friends, followers and partners via many social media streams, and in particular YouTube videos.

Within the global world of Shmee you will come across many experiences featuring keywords such as exclusivity, automotive, luxury, high speed, and sportiness. Many of his fans and friends will characterise Shmee as being hardworking, enthusiastic, aspirational, courteous, honest, polite and committed. Tim uses his experiences, enthusiasm and articulate way of speaking in his videos to showcase the world of supercars to his fast-growing audience.


Tim wanted to share his love for all things automotive with the world. Whether you are a JDM fan, a hypercar lover, or a Shmee150 fan, we aim to cater for Petrolheads of every variety. Tim's first Shmeemobile was a 1.2 Renault Clio, so we hope that each and every Shmee150 Shop item serves as inspiration for us to work hard, enjoy cars, and push towards attaining the cars we know and love. We also hope you or your wall look great in our items!