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For car lovers and enthusiasts of all things luxury, fast and furious, I teamed up with London-based publisher Blink Publshing in 2016 to bring readers up close and personal with some of the worlds’ most sought after supercars in his first book ‘Living The Supercar Dream’. The book was released in Spring 2016, and is available until this day.

In the book I share my experiences travelling across twelve different countries looking at numerous cars, the specs, stats, the speed and performance offering the reader a real insight into what it feels like to drive each and every one. In the book, I will read all about my experiences with cars like the Pagani Huayra, Koenigsegg One:1, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari LaFerrari, Audi RS6, Lamborghini Aventador, Tesla Model S, and many more.

Make sure to get the book via Amazon. It is available in Kindle format and there might be some second hand paperback copies, which you might be able to find via the button above.


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